At Dianella Plaza we want our Centre to be a convenient and accessible shopping destination for our local community.

To ensure visitors continue to enjoy the convenience of shopping at Dianella Plaza we’ve recently made changes to our car parking arrangements.

After our customers told us that that they couldn’t find a park, as valuable spaces were being used by employees and commuters, we’ve introduced free monitored parking, with four-hour limit.

Our monitored parking zone covers all Dianella Plaza’s car parks between 8:00am and 6:00pm, daily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why was monitored parking introduced?

Dianella Plaza is committed to providing the best possible shopping experience for its shoppers and our customer feedback told us that finding a car park space at the Centre has been difficult. Our free four-hour monitored parking will provide a more convenient experience for our shoppers.

How is the four hour limit monitored?

Through a “Licence Plate Recognition System” (LPRS) Secure Parking monitor car parks by scanning and recording licence plates via a vehicle mounted camera. At the end of the allowed parking period, the vehicle returns and rescans the car park. Any cars noted as exceeding the allowed time limits will be issued with a breach notice.

What happens if shoppers receive a breach notice?

Both Dianella Plaza and Secure Parking have the ability to reverse an issued breach notice. If you can provide receipts or similar to indicate that you were at the centre for longer than four hours, your breach notice can be reversed. After all, it’s not our intention to penalize our customers.

Who benefits from the breach notices?

As this monitoring system is run by Secure Parking, they receive any income generated from the breach notices. Vicinity Centres do not receive any income or payments from Secure Parking.

Are private parking breach notices enforceable?

Yes. Private non-compliance breach notices are enforceable under laws relating to contracts and the consent given to parking on private property.

How much is the breach notice worth?

The breach notice is $66.00.

Can I appeal a breach?

Yes, click here to go to the appeals page.