Meet the local retailers at Dianella Plaza

Our local businesses are the heart and soul of our Centre. They’re the people behind your delicious daily coffee, fresh cuts of premium meat, immaculately steamed work shirts, and carefully curated looks. Now, we’re here to share the stories behind each one of them. Get to know our local retailers below, so that next time you drop in to support their business, they’ll know you’re here for them too.

Meet Jess

While Jess from Blooms the Chemist enjoys providing health advice to the local community, she especially loves chatting to loyal customers and listening to their stories. Read on to learn more about Jess, her favourite products and why she loves her job.

Read Jess's Story here

Meet Dave

David from Dianella Meats has been Dianella Plaza's resident butcher for over 40 years and there's a good reason for it! They provide customised advice, sought-after services and great produce!

Read David's Story here

Meet Lian

Lian from Dianella Seafood Market considers herself an expert of locally sourced, delicious seafood. She loves to encourage her customers to try a wide variety of fish and seafood.

Read Lian's Story here
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