J Series training at Jetts

03 Apr 2019

What is J Series?
Think fun, explosive HIIT team training, pumping music, motivating Coaches and you have J Series!

Designed to burn fat and get fast results, J Series is a combination of HIIT style cardio, strength and fusion training sessions. In just 30 minutes, you will experience a full body workout as you move through 6 stations.

Enjoy state of the art digital screens and our world class Coaches to keep your energy and motivation levels high. The sessions are intense but the results will be worth it!

What to expect?
30 minute workouts

  • Burn fat and get fast results
  • Fun and motivating Coaches
  • Extensive timetable with morning and evening sessions
  • Open circuit style workouts supported by digital screens with timers and demonstrations
  • Keep burning calories post workout
  • Increase metabolism
  • Programmed by experts with updated content every 12 weeks
  • Suits every fitness level!


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